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UK's equality laws 'need to be updated'

UK's equality laws 'need to be updated'

Equality laws in the UK need to be updated, the European Commission has said.

According to the body's commissioner for equal opportunities Vladimir Spidla, in order for the Equal Treatment Directive to be effective, it must be "fully and correctly transposed" into the UK's national law.

He added: "We call on the UK government to make the necessary changes to its gender equality legislation as soon as possible so as to fully comply with the European Union rules."

However, the government claims that the new equality legislation will address the concerns.

Meanwhile, commenting on the UK's Equality Bill - which will bring together a range of laws on such topics as disability, race and age discrimination - Mr Spidla said it is welcome and he hopes it will come into force soon.

Currently, the bill is open to any individual or organisation that wishes to provide written evidence to the Public Bill Committee, which was established after the proposed legislation had its second reading.