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Man injured in workplace fall secures £270k compensation

Man injured in workplace fall secures £270k compensation

A man who suffered serious injuries in a fall accident at work has been awarded a compensation payout of £270,000.

Parminder Singh, who is 24 years old, suffered damage to his head, leg and back as a result of the accident.

He was taking part in Heathrow's Terminal Five project in his capacity as an engineer's assistant when a concrete block he was standing on collapsed. So serious were his injuries that he spent nine weeks in hospital and still suffers ill-effects.

His colleague, Matthew Gilbert, was also involved and his injuries proved fatal.

During a recent hearing, it was ruled that two companies involved in the building work breached health and safety regulations. They were ordered to pay fines and costs.

The prosecutions followed an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive.

According to figures released recently by the Health and Safety Executive, a total of 4.7 million days were lost in the UK to workplace injuries in 2008-09.