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Disabled people 'subject to discrimination'

Disabled people 'subject to discrimination'

Disabled people are subject to discrimination in the UK, an organisation has claimed.

According to figures cited by the Royal Association for Disability Rights (Radar) - which was formed in 1977 and claims to have a membership of more than 800 organisations and individuals - fewer than one in twenty public appointees are disabled.

This is despite the fact that one in five of the working-age population in the UK has a disability or long-term health problem.

The statistics were taken from a Government Equalities Office factsheet.

Responding to them, David Stocks, a graduate of Radar's leadership programme, said employers may be missing out on capable workers.

He added: "It is time to tap into the great pool of talent that is waiting to be realised within those living with ill-health, injury or disability."

Run by and working on behalf of disabled people, Radar describes its vision as a "just and equal" society which draws its strength from human difference.