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Army officer wins major payout

Army officer wins major payout
A soldier has been awarded £150,000 following a serious car accident that occurred just hours after he returned home from Iraq.

The crash took place as a result of the captain's driver falling asleep at the wheel and hitting the back of a heavy goods vehicle, which resulted in the military officer sustaining multiple injuries, the Workplace Law Network reports.

The man in question ruptured ligaments in his knee, broke his left leg in two places and lost the use of the little finger on his left hand.

Such accidents are, unfortunately, quite commonplace, with recent figures from the Department for Transport revealing that in 2006, a total of 255,232 people were injured on UK roads.

Furthermore, between a third and a quarter of such incidents involved someone who was at work at the time.

Solicitor for the captain Andrew McDonald noted that the fact the collision took place in a military vehicle was irrelevant.

"My client was injured due to the negligence of the driver and was able to pursue a claim in just the same way as any other member of the public," he was quoted as saying.