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Woman contests will and has it overruled

Woman contests will and has it overruled

A woman has succeeded in having the will made by her late parents overruled.

Christine Gill believed she would be left the family farm in North Yorkshire where she had helped out in her spare time over the last three decades.

According to the university lecturer, her mother had given repeated reassurances that she was in line to inherit the estate after her father passed away in 1999.

However, when her mother died three years ago, Ms Gill discovered that the Potto Carr farm had in fact been left to the RSPCA.

Recently, Judge James Allen QC ruled that Ms Gill's father had pressured his wife into making a will that was contrary to her wishes, using her fear of his temper and her anxiety to coerce her.

Responding to the decision, the RSPCA - which aims to promote kindness and prevent cruelty to animals, as well as alleviate their suffering - said it intends to appeal.