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Unfair dismissal claims 'on the rise'

Unfair dismissal claims 'on the rise'

The number of workers bringing claims of unfair dismissal has increased, new figures suggest.

According to the Tribunals Service, a total of nearly 53,000 such cases were accepted by employment tribunals in the year to the end of March.

This represented a rise of 29 per cent compared with the previous 12-month period.

It was also revealed that employment tribunals accepted a combined total of 151,000 claims made by employees who felt aggrieved in 2008-09.

This was a fall of 20 per cent from the 2007-08 total of 189,300, the Tribunals Service pointed out.

It also said that there was a decline in multiple claims accepted in 2008-09.

Excluding the number of airline employees resubmitted multiple claims for 2007-08, the drop was 13 per cent.

Created in April 2006, the Tribunals Service is an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice and it provides administrative support for the tribunals' judiciary.