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Radio presenter accuses BBC of sex discrimination

Radio presenter accuses BBC of sex discrimination

The BBC is sexist in its approach to female broadcasters, it has been claimed.

Commenting on the issue, comedian, author and presenter Sandi Toksvig suggested that the organisation has a bias towards men.

The 51-year-old pointed out that there are fewer women on Radio 2 than there are men.

She said: "There isn't a single woman broadcasting a major show on Radio 2 apart from Sarah Kennedy and she's on at six o'clock in the morning."

According to Toksvig, women have to be "young and pretty" to stand any chance of getting on screen at present.

She added: "Are things as good as they could be? I don't think so."

Women who feel they may have been the victim of sex discrimination may benefit from a helpline established recently by the government.

The Pay and Work Rights service is intended to provide people with information concerning their rights on issues such as pay and working conditions.