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Poisoned holidaymaker gets compensation

Poisoned holidaymaker gets compensation
A holidaymaker who suffered serious health problems as a result of a meal she ate while in the Dominican Republic over seven years ago has been awarded a payout.

Recently, it was ruled that Beryl Rushton should receive £240,000 for the suffering she endured.

The 66-year-old was staying in the Hacienda Tropical beach resort in the Puerto Plata region of the country when she accidentally ate a black worm that was in a red snapper meal she had ordered.

She commented: "If you pay good money to stay at a four or five star place, you go to relax and chill out - not to come back and fight for your life like I did," the Daily Mail reports.

After ingesting the creature, Ms Rushton suffered from organ failure, temporary blindness and septicaemia, which is a potentially fatal form of blood poisoning.

The grandmother still suffers from health problems and has to take 23 tablets a day to control heart, bowel and bone conditions.