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Paralysed ex-RAF technician seeks £6m in compensation

Paralysed ex-RAF technician seeks £6m in compensation
Next month, a hearing will take place as a result of legal action started by a former RAF technician who suffered serious injuries while taking part in a fun day activity.

Robert Lee Uren is seeking over £6 million in compensation from Corporate Leisure and the Ministry of Defence, which operates on an annual budget of more than £32 billion.

The 25-year-old broke his neck after slipping while diving into an inflatable pool trying to collect plastic fruit.

So serious was the damage he suffered that he is paralysed from the waist down and had to be medically discharged from the RAF.

As well as being wheelchair-bound, Mr Uren suffers from severe spasms.

Speaking recently to the Western Morning News, he said: "Yes, this has been a life-changing incident, but there are things I still want to achieve."

The case is due to be heard on November 23rd and a pre-trial hearing recently took place, during which lawyers clashed over the nature of the evidence that will be submitted.