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Lone parents 'still face barriers to employment'

Lone parents 'still face barriers to employment'

Lone parents are still the victims of discrimination in terms of finding work, it has been claimed.

According to Kate Green, chief executive of Child Poverty Action Group, such people need greater assistance to remove the obstacles that can prevent them from securing employment.

She made her comments following a change implemented by the government under which single mothers and fathers whose youngest child is ten will receive Jobseekers Allowance rather than Income Support, as opposed to age 12, which was the case previously.
The government is also planning to lower this to age seven next year.

Ms Green stated: "We are anxious that barriers around childcare, cost of childcare [and] lone parents' access to flexible jobs that can be fitted to family circumstances are really seen as the key issues to address."

Lone parents need a system under which their childcare role is recognised and one that builds rather than erodes their self-confidence, she added.