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Legal action initiated after diagnosis failure

Legal action initiated after diagnosis failure

A family has begun legal proceedings against a hospital which failed to diagnose a hernia.

Elizabeth Smith went into Hull Royal Infirmary complaining of severe abdominal pain and vomiting.

Doctors wrongly identified her symptoms as constipation and discharged her with medication on both occasions.

The 34-year-old subsequently died, leaving behind four children and her partner Simon Smith.

He has now instructed lawyers to look into the case against Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, which operates with annual turnover of around £444 million.

An internal investigation has also been launched by the organisation.

Mr Smith stated: "The trust's investigation will obviously concentrate on the hospital's procedures and actions, but that won't record the effect on our family - we are still trying to get to grips with that," the Hull Daily Mail reports."

Meanwhile, the trust refused to comment for legal reasons.