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HR 'should make sure employees know their legal rights'

HR 'should make sure employees know their legal rights'

It is the duty of HR departments to make sure employees are aware of their legal rights, it has been claimed.

Speaking to Personnel Today, Stephen Overell from the Work Foundation - which aims to improve the quality of working life and the effectiveness of organisations - said it is their job to inform workers of such information.

He said: "Ensuring people know their rights is a simple, straightforward bit of good that HR can do that is more practically useful than creating stacks of new policies and procedures."

His comments come in the wake of figures published recently by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, which showed that 22 per cent of staff members polled did not feel they knew their employment rights, such as their holiday entitlements and working hours protection.

In addition, it was found that almost a third of workers had experienced an employment rights issue during the last five years.