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Diageo accused of 'bullying' employees

Diageo accused of 'bullying' employees

Bullying and harassment claims have been leveled at consumer goods giant Diageo by an industry expert from the UK's largest union due to the firm's treatment of its employees in Scotland.

Unite national officer for the drink sector Jennie Formby said that the company's threat to punish workers from sites in Kilmarnock, Port Dundas and Shieldhall who refuse to accept pay freezes and restructuring plans is "heartless".

She remarked: "Here we have a mega-profitable, global giant trying to use its might and muscle to frighten Scottish workers into meek acceptance of savage cuts and plans which would ruin their communities."

Ms Formby also urged the firm to reopen discussions with workers to help resolve the problem before industrial action is taken.

According to Unite, Diageo registered profits of £2 billion last year, with chief executive officer Paul Walsh receiving a £3.5 million salary.

Covering a range of sectors, the workers' union currently has more than two million members in the UK.