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Compensation of £25k awarded over worker hand injury

Compensation of £25k awarded over worker hand injury
A man who suffered permanent nerve damage to his hand has been awarded compensation of £25,000.

Tom Offer, who is employed by DSV Road, also has permanent numbness and intolerance to the cold as a result of the damage he sustained when he severed a tendon in his hand.

The 57-year-old was taking a tractor apart for shipping when the incident occurred.

A special hammer he required in order to complete the task was unavailable.

Despite his complaints, Mr Offer was told to continue with the procedure and he did so using a piece of metal.

He was unaware that the object had been used by a co-worker previously and developed a serrated edge.

Although he was wearing safety gloves, he still sustained a cut injury to his hand, which meant he had to take three months off work.

Mr Offer is by no means alone in suffering damage at work, with figures from the Health and Safety Executive showing that a total of 299,000 reportable injuries occurred among employees in the UK in 2007-08.