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Sex discrimination 'still an issue in pay practices'

Sex discrimination 'still an issue in pay practices'

Sex discrimination remains an issue in the UK when it comes to pay practices.

This is according to Michael Foster MP, who recently toured the country holding a series of consultation events on the Equality Bill.

Introduced by minister for women and equality Harriet Harman, the bill paves the way for new laws that are intended to reduce inequalities in a range of areas.

For example, it will ban secrecy clauses that prevent workers from comparing their wages with those received by colleagues.

Mr Foster said: "Despite considerable progress, inequality and discrimination still exist in our society. In the UK, women are paid on average 23 per cent less per hour than men."

He added that the consultation events provided people with the opportunity to discover what the bill means for their organisations and for the government to get feedback on its plans.

Mr Foster was first elected as MP for Hastings and Rye on May 1st 1997.

He was appointed government minister for equalities in June 2009.