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New employment rights helpline 'a welcome move'

New employment rights helpline 'a welcome move'
A new helpline established by the government to help workers understand their rights has been welcomed.

According to Phil Flaxton, chief executive officer of Work Wise UK, the service will be particularly useful to employees during the recession that is still affecting the country.

Earlier this month, the Labour administration established the Pay and Work Rights helpline, which is designed to provide people with information concerning their rights over pay, working hours and other issues.

It will also be a means of workers reporting abuses of such rights.

Responding to the development, Mr Flaxton said the "key" is getting employees to use provisions such as the helpline so that they do not fall victim to mistreatment.

He added: "Anything that is offered, whether it be by the government or trade union or any industry body, has got to be welcomed and supported, particularly in these difficult times with the economy."