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Manager set to receive payout in age discrimination case

Manager set to receive payout in age discrimination case

A former local authority manager is set to receive a significant sum in compensation in a case of age discrimination.

John Wooster was made redundant from his position at Tower Hamlets Council seven months before his 50th birthday, meaning his employer did not have to pay him his pension immediately.

Rather, because he had not reached the milestone age while still in his role, he has to wait until he reaches 65 until he can receive his pension.

One boss at the organisation said: "If he goes now, we do save the pension."

Recently, an employment tribunal panel ruled that Mr Wooster had been the victim of age discrimination and unfair dismissal.

A subsequent appeal made by Tower Hamlets Council, which is headquartered in Mulberry Place, London, failed.

A hearing to decide how much compensation Mr Wooster will receive is due to take place later this year and it is thought the final sum could be around £1 million.