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Woman takes legal action over alleged religious discrimination

Woman takes legal action over alleged religious discrimination

A woman has begun legal proceedings after accusing her employers of religious discrimination.

Jennie Cain works at a primary school in Devon and has initiated action against the governing body, as well as Devon county council - which is headquartered on Topsham Road, Exeter.

The head teacher of the school launched a professional misconduct investigation into the worker after she emailed friends and members of her church asking them to pray for her daughter, who had been reprimanded by a class teacher for allegedly scaring a fellow pupil by talking about hell.

Ms Cain sent the email on her home computer, outside working hours and using her personal email account.

However, the correspondence was relayed to the school's head teacher.

Subsequently, a panel of governors decided to discipline Ms Cain by issuing her a final written warning, which was reduced to a written warning on appeal.

Ms Cain claims that the move to discipline her is part of ongoing hostility to her faith by her employers.

A date for a tribunal hearing has not yet been fixed.