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Older people 'face discrimination when seeking employment'

Older people 'face discrimination when seeking employment'

Older people in the UK face discrimination when they are attempting to secure new employment, it has been claimed.

Commenting on the issue, Rachel Krys, director for the Employers Forum on Age (EFA), said such people often run into problems if they lose their jobs.

She stated: "If you are made redundant over the age of 50, you've got a much lower chance of getting a new job than someone under the age of 50."
According to Ms Krys, employers are often scared of managing people who are older than themselves.

In addition, older workers often report that they are overlooked for things like training opportunities and promotions, she said, adding: "There is this stereotype that people are just kind of coasting towards retirement."

However, Ms Krys went on to suggest that the government and employers have made progress in terms of reducing employment discrimination in UK workplaces.

Founded in 1996, the EFA aims to influence the government, business and trade unions in a bid to reduce age discrimination.