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ODA threatens blogger with libel action

ODA threatens blogger with libel action

Organisers of the London 2012 Olympic games are threatening to sue a blogger for libel.

Sona Abantu-Choudhury, a resident of Hackney Wick, received a threat of legal action from the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) after residents living near the construction site of the future Olympic Park posted threatening and untrue comments about the organisation and one of its employees on the Leabank Square blog.

"Free speech is only informative if accurate," the ODA general counsel wrote in a letter to Mr Abantu-Choudhury, which was posted on the blog.

The letter went on to demand that steps immediately be taken to remove the libellous comments or the matter would be referred to the ODA's solicitors.

"We hope you will consider the content of this letter very carefully when considering whether or not it is appropriate to continue publishing the posts and allegations that I have identified," it concluded.

In the United States, an ex-Vogue model recently won a groundbreaking court victory against search engine Google to learn the identity of a blogger who had posted vicious comments about her on a website.

Liskula Cohen and her solicitors are now preparing a defamation case against the individual.

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