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Hospital issues compensation over botched operation

Hospital issues compensation over botched operation

A hospital has issued compensation to a woman who suffered as a result of a botched breast reconstruction.

Recently, bosses at Barnsley Hospital - which is run by Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - agreed to settle the case.

According to reports in South Yorkshire paper the Star, 53-year-old grandmother Diane Greenman had a mastectomy at the medical centre after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Immediately following this, she underwent a reconstruction procedure under which an implant was supposed to be put under her chest muscle.

The doctor responsible for the procedure placed the implant under the skin instead and then left it there for too long, causing infection.

As a result of the delayed removal, Ms Greenman had to return to the hospital repeatedly and needed three further operations.

She said: "No amount of compensation will ever make up for the last few years, when I have felt my life was put on hold to accommodate the failings of a surgeon I put my trust in."