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Homeowners paid 'overdue' compensation from council

Homeowners paid 'overdue' compensation from council
Residents of Hounslow who first lodged a complained with the local council three years ago have now received compensation, thanks to the involvement of the Local Government Ombudsman.

According to the Hounslow Chronicle, council bosses were deemed by the ombudsman to be "slow to accept its responsibilities as a good neighbour" and were ordered to pay out compensation to seven homeowners for delays to its town centre redevelopment project.

Residents living on Holloway Street between Hounslow High Street and the Asda supermarket have been experiencing problems with fly-tippers and drug dealers who have been taking advantage of empty council homes in the area. Some have also complained of dampness in the homes next to the vacant properties.

The council first informed a number of residents on the street in the 1980s that some properties would be bulldozed to make room for a new development.

However, the first phases of the construction project was only completed in 2007 and it is estimated that it will take a further five to ten years for the rest of the work to be completed.

Amy Simpson, who has been a Holloway Street resident for 85 years, said: "It's been terrible living here, having to put up with rubbish, squatters and drug dealers."

Hounslow council has pledged a number of community initiatives, including tree planting, improved safety and regular refuse collection.