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Compensation payments announced for London fire victims

Compensation payments announced for London fire victims
Residents of the tower block in south London which went up in flames on July 3rd have been told the amount of compensation they are set to receive for having to leave the property.

The 98 flats in the structure have remained unoccupied since the fire, which killed six residents. Each of the council tenants who were forced to leave will receive a total of £4,700, while those who own property in the building will be paid its market value plus ten per cent.

"Considering what we have been through, it's not a lot of money. Our lives have been shattered and many of us still do not have a permanent home," one resident told the London Paper.

Payments for the residents of Lakanal House in Camberwell will be made under the 1973 Land Compensation Act.

According to a preliminary report, the blaze was caused by a faulty television set.

Earlier this summer, it emerged that Southwark council had known about the fire risks posed by the building for around ten years, the BBC reported.