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Compensation awarded over medical mistakes made by hospital

Compensation awarded over medical mistakes made by hospital

Mistakes made by medics at a hospital have resulted in a substantial payout for two brothers.

Paul and Liam McNeely both suffer from a rare form of anaemia called pyruvate kinase deficiency, the Liverpool Daily Post reports.

As such, they required regular blood transfusions, which they received at the Royal Liverpool hospital.

However, they were mistakenly given too much iron, which can potentially prove fatal.

Once the problem was eventually discovered, the brothers, who are aged 39 and 35 respectively, had to undergo a process of iron level reduction which took nearly three years.

Commenting on their treatment, their mother, Linda McNeely, said: "As a family we are still devastated with what's happened.

"No amount of compensation could ever replace the normal family life which has been taken away from us, or relieve the ongoing stress we have to endure."

Recently, bosses at the hospital - which is run by the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust - paid substantial out-of-court settlements to the men and issued an apology.

Paul Sankey, clinical negligence partner at Russell Jones & Walker, commented: "Mistakes such as this are fortunately unusual but their impact can be devastating.

"One of the benefits of making this claim will be to draw attention to the importance of preventing such avoidable errors."