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BBC pays ex-presenter for unfair dismissal

BBC pays ex-presenter for unfair dismissal

BBC Wales has paid a settlement of approximately £100,000 to one of its former radio presenters following his unfair dismissal.

Richard Evans, who used to present the lunchtime phone-in show on BBC Radio Wales, found his contract terminated in November 2008 after several colleagues made a number of bullying allegations against him, the Western Mail reported.

The allegations were unproven and the broadcaster denied bullying any of his co-workers - stating the complaints were made amid the stressful atmosphere of producing a live radio programme.

When his contract was terminated, Mr Evans said he would take the BBC to an employment tribunal. His position was strengthened, a source told the newspaper, by the fact that the broadcaster had recently signed a further two-year contract with him.

"The BBC did not want the embarrassment of an employment tribunal and agreed to make a cash settlement," the unnamed source stated.

Earlier this month, the Essex Echo reported that Julie Abel, a former town clerk for Canvey town council, has now lodged a constructive dismissal claim against the organisation.

While details of the claim have not been revealed, Ms Abel commented that the local authority has a responsibility to comply with employment law.