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Woman seeks £150k compensation after collision with car

Woman seeks £150k compensation after collision with car

A woman who was hit by a car which had mounted the pavement is seeking a payout of up to £150,000.

Shelagh Leach was leaving a garage in Hastings when she was knocked down by motorist Paul Barnard, who failed to stop and left her lying by the side of the road, the Argus reports.

He had been travelling at speed and swerved to enter the entrance of the filling station.

Mr Barnard missed the entrance and mounted the pavement, hitting Ms Leach and causing her to fall backwards.

The 83-year-old suffered two broken legs and required emergency surgery at Conquest Hospital, which is run by East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust.

She had to remain in hospital for nearly two months following the accident.

In a high court writ, she accuses Mr Hastings of negligence, alleging that he was driving too fast and failed to stop, slow down or swerve to avoid colliding with her.