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Woman awarded compensation after cows left her brain damaged

Woman awarded compensation after cows left her brain damaged
A woman who was left brain damaged after being tossed around by a herd of cows has secured compensation.

Shirley McKaskie was walking her dog in field in Cumbria, a county situated in the north-west of England near to the Scottish border, when the incident took place.

The animals were said to have reacted to the presence of the Jack Russell.

They caused the 54-year-old to suffer brain damage, which her legal representative claims has severely affected her life.

She is now in a wheelchair, is unable to work and needs significant help to maintain independent living.

Ms McKaskie was found unconscious by the herd's owner, John Cameron, who took her to his farm house.

She was subsequently transferred to hospital and was treated for serious head injuries.

During a recent hearing at Blackpool county court, Ms McKaskie was awarded a payout of £250,000 and her costs of £100,000 will be covered.

Dave Gilligan from Russell Jones & Walker, commenting on the case, said: "Unfortunately these cases are not as unusual as people think.

"Farmers need to do everything they can to minimise this type of incident and people walking through fields where there are cows need to be aware of what action they can take to minimise risk."