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Unfair dismissal victim secures compensation

Unfair dismissal victim secures compensation

A man who was the victim of unfair dismissal has been awarded a payout of £80,000.

Former town clerk Andrew Rimmer was sacked by Lymington and Pennington town council in October last year, the Southern Daily Echo reports.

He had taken several periods of sick leave prior to this after suffering a heart attack.

The 51-year-old had depression and anxiety that was said to be so severe that he could not face opening letters from his employers to discuss his absenteeism.

During a recent employment tribunal, it emerged that his partner Jill Ellaway had been corresponding with the council by telephone because an illness had left Mr Rimmer with a severe stammer.

He claimed that no one from the council attempted to contact him during his periods of sickness and he was eventually dismissed.

Mr Rimmer stated: "I feel vindicated - I don't feel pleased because it is an unfortunate outcome. But I feel vindicated in many ways."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the council, which is headquartered in Lymington, said it is yet to decide whether it will appeal the tribunal's decision.