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Recession 'causing rise in employment tribunals'

Recession 'causing rise in employment tribunals'

An increasing number of workers are taking employers to tribunal as job losses mount during the recession.

This is according to Keith Mizon, director of individual conciliation at the advisory service Acas, who said that there has been a rise in unfair dismissal, redundancy payments and wages cases, the Observer reports.

The expert suggested that this is generally the case in recessions.

He added: "Misunderstanding redundancy selection processes, which can be complex, or poorly communicating them, can leave people feeling unfairly treated."

Meanwhile, Christine Pratt, chief executive of the National Bullying Helpline, suggested that employers are getting rid of staff members and calling it redundancy but are failing to follow redundancy guidelines.

She predicted that the government is going to see further increases in the number of employment tribunals.

There are a number of rules that employers must follow when making individual redundancies.

For example, the selection process should be fair and workers should be warned and consulted about the redundancy.