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Man seeks compensation after nearly losing arm

Man seeks compensation after nearly losing arm
A man who nearly lost his arm as a result of a workplace accident is seeking a payout.

Philip Poyntz was performing his role at a Wrigley's factory in Plymouth in January 2007 when the incident occurred.

He was cleaning a production line when his arm became caught in an unguarded piece of machinery.

The 30-year-old subsequently had to undergo six hours of surgery and was left with serious muscle and nerve damage.

He has not yet been able to return to his role at the factory.

Recently, Wrigley's - which was established in the US over a century ago - was issued a fine of £150,000 and was ordered to pay legal costs after admitting health and safety breaches.

In addition, Mr Poyntz is seeking compensation by pursuing a civil case against the firm, which claims to have invested £3 million in new health and safety equipment since the accident.