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Lorries 'posing threats to safety of cyclists in London'

Lorries 'posing threats to safety of cyclists in London'
So far this year, nine cyclists have been killed in road accidents in London, seven of which involved lorries.

This is according to figures cited by national cyclists' organisation the CTC, which has released a report entitled A Safer Way: Consultation on Making Britain's Roads the Safest in the World.

In the report, the CTC said more attention must be given to the threat posed by goods vehicles.

The organisation also spoke out in favour of a range of measures designed to make the roads a safer place.

For example, it advocated the move to make 20 mph the speed limit in certain urban areas.

According to Transport for London (TFL), many accidents stem from the fact that lorry drivers can struggle to see bikes, particularly when they are turning left and cyclists are continuing in a straight line.

In response to the issue of cycling safety, TFL has made a video which tries to show how problems arise.