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Compensation sought by man injured by bus

Compensation sought by man injured by bus
A man who sustained serious injuries in an accident involving a bus is seeking a payout.

According to reports in the Camden New Journal, James Stones was leaving a cinema in November 2007 when he slipped and his legs went under a bus.

The vehicle pulled away, causing the 43-year-old to suffer internal injuries. He also sustained a broken arm and one of his legs was nearly torn off.

He was flown by helicopter to the Royal London Hospital in the east end of London, where he remained for ten months.

The former crane operator required 13 operations while at the medical centre.

Mr Stones is now taking legal action against Transport for London.

A spokesperson for the organisation said that it takes any legal approaches made by people who have been involved in bus accidents "extremely seriously".

He added: "Clearly, it's always upsetting when anyone is injured in a collision with a bus."