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Accountant makes race discrimination claim

Accountant makes race discrimination claim

An accountant who operated in the City of London has accused her former employer of race discrimination.

Romanian Mihaela Popa worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and said that she was the victim of bullying and was repeatedly ignored for promotion.

The 31-year-old claimed she was subjected to comments like "Eastern Europeans are whores" and was given menial tasks to perform.

She earned £41,000 a year in her position as a forensic accountant.

According to Ms Popa, discrimination prevented her from becoming a partner in the firm, earning at least £500,000 plus bonuses.

She resigned in November 2006 after being off sick for several month with depression and anxiety.

Ms Popa claimed that the treatment she received became increasingly unbearable and she therefore had no choice but to resign.

She is seeking £40 million in compensation for loss of earnings and illness.

Meanwhile, PwC - which has more than 16,000 partners and staff in the UK - denies the allegations.

A spokesperson for the firm said. "We will be vigorously defending the most recent claims."