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Vibration white finger sufferer secures compensation

Vibration white finger sufferer secures compensation
A man who claims to have developed vibration white finger syndrome as a result of his work has been awarded a payout.

Keith Rowley received £10,000 after he came to a settlement with his employer General Kinematics.

The firm, which specialises in producing vibrating and rotary equipment for firms in industries such as recycling and mining, did not admit liability in the case.

Mr Rowley worked for the company for 12 years and says that during this time he has used vibrating tools on a daily basis.

He commented: "Now [my hands] turn white and become painful in cold weather and I have to wear heated gloves."

The 55-year-old added that he first noticed a problem with his hands six years ago.

A common condition suffered by people working with power tools, vibration white finger causes a range of symptoms, including numbness in the fingertips and general aches and pains in the hands and arms.