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Pensioner receives compensation over serious facial injuries

Pensioner receives compensation over serious facial injuries
A pensioner who sustained serious injuries to her face has been awarded a payout.

Although the precise details of Joan Heppenstall's compensation have not been disclosed, it is said to be substantial.

In November 2007, the 75-year-old was returning to her car in the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield when she fell on an uneven pavement.

As a result of the impact, she smashed her dental bridge, knocking one tooth out and chipping all the others.

She required stitches to her chin and still suffers from problems with her teeth.

In a recent development, Sheffield city council admitted liability and agreed to compensate her under the terms of an out-of-court settlement.

Commenting on the case, Ms Heppenstill said: "I'm relieved my case has been settled. The money will help to pay for my new bridge and the other dental treatment I have received. I just wish the accident hadn't happened in the first place."