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Man awarded compensation after employment tribunal success

Man awarded compensation after employment tribunal success

A man who was forced to quit his job after bosses refused to give him extra security has been successful in his bid to secure a payout.

Jeff Williams claimed during a recent employment tribunal that his life had been put at risk by vandals and thieves at a Glendale Golf club shop, reports.

The 62-year-old had to open the shop at 06:30 GMT each morning but began to ask for enhanced safety measures following a spate of burglaries.

He claimed that his pleas were ignored because of his age.

Mr Williams said: "I wrote to [the manager] Neil Simpson asking how much longer Glendale was going to expect me to put my life at risk."
He added: "I felt unsafe and threatened. My worries were ignored."

The tribunal awarded him compensation of nearly £12,000.

Glendale Golf runs a number of clubs, including Castle Point, Duxbury Park, Tilgate Forest and Richmond Park.