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Driver faces compensation claim after seriously injuring girl

Driver faces compensation claim after seriously injuring girl
A driver who collided with a woman and ran over her daughter is facing a claim for compensation.

Violet Thompson was attempting to turn her car around in a road when the accident happened, York paper the Press reports.

The 81-year-old was recently spared jail over the incident and was handed a 12-month conditional discharge.

However, the Velez-Colby family are now proceeding with a civil court case against her in a bid to secure a payout.

They had been on their way to the National Railway Museum - which is situated on Leeman Road in York and houses more than 100 locomotives - when the accident happened.

So serious was their three-year-old daughter's internal injuries that she had to spend eight days in hospital.

Commenting on the events during a recent hearing, Judge Stephen Ashurst said: "Unhappily, Violet Thompson made the choice to carry out that manoeuvre but unfortunately, because of her declining faculties, her ability to drive a vehicle was seriously impaired."