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BBC settles over libel claims made by fertility doctor

BBC settles over libel claims made by fertility doctor

The BBC has reported that it has agreed to settle a libel case centred on claims made by a fertility doctor.

Mohamed Taranissi alleged that a Panorama programme broadcast in 2007 made defamatory comments about his techniques.

The broadcaster had denied libel in relation to the IVF Undercover programme.

However, last October it was ordered by the high court to pay an estimated £500,000 in costs to Mr Taranissi.

In a new development, both parties have come to an arrangement.

A spokesperson for the BBC said: "Both parties have agreed to settle and not to continue forward and consider the matter now closed."

Governed by the BBC Trust, the BBC claims to be the largest broadcasting corporation in the world and it provides a range of television, radio and internet services.

It is a public service organisation which was established by Royal Charter and is funded by the licence fee paid by UK households.

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