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Worker seriously injured in machine receives compensation

Worker seriously injured in machine receives compensation

A worker who suffered serious injuries to his arm has been awarded compensation from his employer.

In October 2007, Luke Oxton was cleaning the vent of a machine at the Coldwater factory in Grimsby when he became trapped in it.

The worker, who was 19 years old at the time, was stuck in the device for over an hour before being rescued by firefighters, the Grimsby Telegraph reports.

He still has not returned to his position at the factory.

Recently, factory operator the Icelandic Group UK, which is involved in the production and sale of seafood products, was ordered to issue compensation to him.

The firm said it has now implemented new training for staff and managers in order to reduce the risk of such an incident occurring again in the future.

It added: "We very much regret Mr Oxton's accident and are assisting him in his rehabilitation with the aim of returning him to employment at the earliest opportunity."