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Whistleblower 'may get job back' after boss is suspended

Whistleblower 'may get job back' after boss is suspended

A teacher who sought protection as a whistleblower after exposing allegedly unlawful bonuses collected by his boss may be given his job back.

According to reports in This is London, Hank Roberts - along with two colleagues who were also involved in the claims - may be given his job back now that the head of Copland Community College in Wembley has been suspended.

Sir Alan Davies is facing claims that he received bonuses of £200,000 that he should not have got.

Mr Roberts and the two other whistleblowing teacher union representatives at the school were suspended from their roles over an unrelated matter, which he believes was "trumped up" and designed to gag them.

The three were due to meet new acting headteacher Philip O'Hear earlier this week in an attempt to resolve the situation.

Mr O'Hear said: "I have made it clear that one of the first things I would do is review their case. I have started that process and have a meeting with the individuals and their unions today."

Copland Community College recently received recognition as one of the fastest-improving schools in the country and was awarded Beacon status.