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Schoolboy to receive compensation over head injuries

Schoolboy to receive compensation over head injuries
A schoolboy who sustained serious head injuries as a result of an accident is in line to receive a payout.

In April 2007, Michael Cleeve was cycling across the A27 in Titchfield, which is situated near to the River Meon, when he was struck by a motorist.

As a result of the impact, which caused him to land on his head, he required emergency treatment and was on a life-support machine for a week, the Portsmouth News reports.

Michael, who is now 14 years old, has been left with long-term problems, including an impaired sense of danger and poor concentration.

During a recent high court hearing, it was decided that the driver who hit him was 50 per cent liable for the accident and his insurers will therefore issue compensation.

Commenting on the outcome, Mrs Justice Swift said: "Michael and his family can be satisfied that this is in his best interests and the focus of the case will now switch to valuing his claim, which will take some time."