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Schoolboy seriously injured by bus to receive compensation

Schoolboy seriously injured by bus to receive compensation
A schoolboy who suffered injuries to his spine, leg and hip as a result of a road accident is to receive a payout.

In October 2006, Luke Murtagh was dragged under the wheels of the vehicle after one of the garments he was wearing became caught in it, the Croydon Advertiser reports.

During a recent court hearing, Arriva London South admitted liability for the accident - which occurred in the Thornton Heath area of Croydon, south London.

As a result of the injuries he suffered, Luke had to undergo hours of operations, including some plastic surgery.

Commenting on the incident, he said: "I saw the bus. I was down the street. I made a run for it, missed it and knocked on the window.

"The driver looked at me and carried on driving. So I started walking away and the bottom of my trousers got caught and it happened."

He added that he has had dreams about the accident which have caused him to shake.