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Employment tribunal loopholes to be closed, govt announces

Employment tribunal loopholes to be closed, govt announces

Loopholes in employment tribunal enforcement rules are to be closed, it has been revealed.

In a recent announcement, the Ministry of Justice said it is to implement "tough new measures" under which the costs of enforcing unpaid awards will fall and the payment of awards will be improved.

Responding to the developments, Citizens Advice - which operates a network of 426 bureaux in England and Wales - said they are a welcome step.

According to the charity, the measures are based on recommendations it made to the government in a recent report.

Employment policy officer at Citizens Advice Richard Dunstan said: "We are extremely pleased that the government has, at long last, acknowledged the need to close this loophole in the employment tribunal system."

He went on to say that the new regime will help to protect vulnerable workers in the UK and will result in greater fairness for the majority of employers who play by the rules.