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Bill 'may help reduce discrimination against people with HIV'

Bill 'may help reduce discrimination against people with HIV'

The Equalities Bill, which was recently published, may help job seekers with HIV find employment.

This is according to a spokesman for the National Aids Trust (Nat), who said that the organisation is hoping that more measures will support people with the condition getting jobs.

He added: "We do a lot of work trying to get employers to recognise the fact that people living with HIV are able to work being on treatment."

The spokesperson went on to say that presently, employers in the UK can ask someone about their HIV status before they have been interviewed for a position.

This practice should be banned, he suggested, adding that the issue should only arise if it directly relevant to their job.

He stated that, although it is not in the Equalities Bill at the moment, the Nat would like to see a ban on pre-employment health questionnaires in order to reduce discrimination.