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Worker claims he was unfairly dismissed

Worker claims he was unfairly dismissed

A French national who resides in Edinburgh has told an employment tribunal that he was unfairly dismissed.

Christophe Muller was sacked from his position of salesman at Livingston-based Touch Bionics after only six days in the job.

The 37-year-old claims that his boss made comments about "French lazy people".

Mr Muller, who is a father-of-two, is taking legal action against both the firm and his immediate manager Guarav Mishra, who is Touch Bionic's international business director.

The salesman alleges his bosses told him he was too slow for the job and failed to interact sufficiently with his co-workers.

In addition, they accused him of not preparing enough for meetings.

According to Mr Muller, the decision made by the firm to dismiss him left him suffering from stress and financial problems.

Touch Bionics, which has a history of work dating back to research conducted at the Princess Margaret Rose Hospital in Edinburgh from 1963, disputes the claims.