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Women successful in sexual discrimination claims

Women successful in sexual discrimination claims

A lesbian couple who claimed they had been victims of sexual discrimination have been successful at tribunal.

Saleswomen Beth Moules and Sharleen Amos alleged they had been ridiculed on the basis of their sexuality, Bristol publication the Evening Post reports.

According to the two women, colleagues joked about it in conversation.

They also said that their complaints had been ignored by their boss at Aquatec Rainsoft - a home water filtering company which was established in 1953.

During an employment tribunal held in Bristol, both the women were awarded £5,000 for injury to feelings and another settlement for discrimination is yet to be decided.

Commenting on the outcome of the case, Ms Moules said: "It's such good news. We're both really happy.

"The next step forward is to figure out how much we're going to get. They've found in favour of us - that there was discrimination and that it was significant."