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Teacher poisoned at work seeks compensation

Teacher poisoned at work seeks compensation
A teacher who suffered poisoning while at work is seeking compensation.

Shaaira Alexis drank from a water bottle which a pupil had laced with blackboard cleaner, subsequently suffering sickness.

The student had been able to get access to her classroom in order to contaminate the drink because she had been entrusted with a key by another teacher at the school, which is located in Newham, three miles from the City of London in the East End.

According to her legal representative, the psychiatric effects of the incident had been considerable.

Ms Alexis, who lost her job because of her sickness record, claims that her chances of promotion to the position of headteacher or deputy head were ruined by the poisoning.

She is seeking compensation of £700,000, mainly for lost earnings and pension entitlements.

The local council denies it was negligent and contests the value of her claim. The case remains ongoing.