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Radiographer successfully claims age discrimination

Radiographer successfully claims age discrimination

A radiographer has been successful in her bid to prove that she was the victim of age discrimination.

Linda Sturdy took legal action against Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust - which runs a total of six hospitals, including Leeds General Infirmary and Chapel Allerton Hospital - after being turned down for the new role of principal radiographer at Seacroft Hospital.

The medical professional, who was 56 years old at the time, had worked in radiology for 38 years.

She claimed that when she mentioned she planned to retire in 2010, Brian Godfrey, head of the clinical management team for the hospital's radiology department, said to her: "I didn't realise you were so old."

A tribunal heard that Mr Godfrey had previously indicated to her that he would recommend her to the interview panel, of which he was a member.

However, a 43-year-old with three years of service was eventually given the job.

The tribunal judgement said: "Given that Mr Godfrey's comment was followed by the complete reversal of his view of the claimant's suitability for the post ... it is possible to conclude that the reason the claimant was not slotted in to the job was because of her age."