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Race discrimination victim receives £112k in compensation

Race discrimination victim receives £112k in compensation

A woman who was the victim of race discrimination has secured a payout of £112,000.

Former council officer Rosene Railton left her role at Northumberland county council in August 2006 suffering from stress and depression which she claimed was caused by the behaviour of her employers, the Journal reports.

The 43-year-old alleged that she was she was told not to eat lunch with other staff, was given extreme workloads and was refused holidays.

During a recent tribunal, it was ruled that the 43-year-old had been the victim of unfair treatment on the grounds of race and the local authority was ordered to pay a six-figure sum in compensation.

Tribunal judge Rita Rogerson said: "The incidents, we found, had a marked impact on her. We accepted that Ms Railton was devastated, hurt, upset and distressed."

The council, which is headquartered in the market town of Morpeth around 14 miles north of Newcastle, has said it intends to appeal the decision.