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People with dementia 'should not hesitate to draw up wills'

People with dementia 'should not hesitate to draw up wills'

People suffering from dementia should ensure they draw up wills while they are still capable of doing so, it has been suggested.

According to Gillian Shadbolt, manager of the Northamptonshire branch of the Alzheimer's Society, it is crucial that anyone diagnosed with the condition takes time to plan for the future as early as possible, the Northampton Chronicle & Echo reports.

A condition that becomes more common as people age, dementia causes the loss of mental abilities such as thinking, remembering and reasoning.

Ms Shadbolt said: "Important checks must be carried out and documented to establish that a person with dementia 'has capacity' at the time it is made."

She added that it is also important for people with dementia to have a lasting power of attorney, which allows them to document wishes they have about future care.

Meanwhile, legal expert Tom King told the Northampton Chronicle & Echo that he expects cases involving family infighting over wills to increase as dementia becomes more prevalent.